At the end of the 80s, two talented brothers from South Africa had a vision, to build a high-performance shock absorber for professional racing applications for motor sport. His goals were simple, develop a shock absorber with a more efficient shock design to withstand the most demanding competition.

They would also provide their customers unprecedented service and support and make the sport more affordable for brokers by offering unbeatable prices. That dream became a reality in 1992 when the brothers Glenn and Warren Classen formed Radflo Suspension Technology. In a short time they managed to develop and launch a selection of coilover shock absorbers and body shock systems for high performance competitions.

Over the years Radflo went on to design cushioning systems for military vehicles and for mining companies but without leaving aside their beginnings, their passion for professional skills where they managed to get their participation in international competitions. In 2005 they move their commercial operation to California, USA where they are today manufacturing the best high performance shock absorbers for use in competitions as daily use.


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  • Parts & Accessories
  • Custom Shocks
  • Off Road and more...


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